Results to Survey of 533 Residents

Updated: May 29 2019

Major findings:

o Awareness of the project is high: 90% know at least a little; 50% know a lot or have been active

o Sentiment toward the project is mostly negative (62%). Those who live close to the site and pass it most often were more likely to have strongly negative views of the project.

o People learn about the project most from their neighbors (55%) o Also Daily Camera (41%) and City outreach (40%)

• Concerns about negative impacts outweigh perceived benefits, especially with those in adjacent neighborhoods.

• The top concerns

  • parking overflow into the neighborhood (71%)

  • longer commute times (68%)

  • loss of views (67%)

Top perceived benefits (more positive than negative)

  • Architectural contributions (52%)

  • Senior housing (39%)

  • Common community space (36%)

  • Support for permanently affordable housing is split equally

  • Retail space and offices skew not viewed as beneficial

o 78% of people found the highest density scenario (330 units) unacceptable.

o Support impact studies (87%) and community input (84%).

o Most are in favor of low density, height limits, and the landmarking of historic sites (shopping centers).

o Views are mixed about affordable housing and civic offices.

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