City schedule for ABB

City Council is reviewing the schedule. There have been several delays.

Anticipated Schedule for Meetings and Engagement Opportunities (as of April 8, 2019)

March 20 – Informational meeting focused on near-term next steps with the hospital

April 24 — City presenting to the Housing Advisory Board, 6:00 PM (new information)

Mid-April TBD – Event to provide an update on the process and share information 

May 30/ June 4 – Share analysis and draft area plan scenarios with Planning Board and City Council to ensure we have the correct range of choices and analysis is ready to move ahead with community engagement

June – July – Multiple community events to review and provide feedback on draft area plan scenarios

August 15, 20 – Public Hearings with Planning Board and City Council to provide direction on Draft Area Plan (Public Hearings)

September 28 – Joint Public Hearing with Planning Board and City Council on the Final Plan

September 30, October 1 – Planning Board and City Council Adopt Final Plan