The Facts



  • The City’s most recent proposals (as of August 2019) include between 120 and 260 new housing units on the former hospital site with up to 640 new housing units on the site + area. The lower number of units (120-170) would only be if County offices move to the site. If there are no County offices, the City proposes 210-260 units. “Housing units” can be apartments, townhouses, duplexes, etc. and may be efficiencies, multi-bedroom, etc. None of these details have been decided.

  • The AB site is 8.8 acres; about 3.5-4.0 acres will be used for housing.

  • The City proposes one or two civic buildings of 4-5 stories.

  • The City proposes re-zoning the site and surrounding areas to allow greater density, including up to 55 feet for housing and retail.

  • The City has not determined how many housing units will be for sale or rent.

  • The City is considering excavating a 5’-deep detention pond over 2 acres of North Boulder Park for flood mitigation.

  • The City has allotted only 0.8 parking spots per new housing unit.

  • The City has not committed to a specific number or percentage of permanently affordable housing units (subsidized housing reserved for low and moderate income households).

  • In 2015, the City paid $40 million to buy the site, will spend at least $12 million to demolish the former hospital, and anticipates spending up to $57 million to refurbish the Boulder Medical Pavilion for City offices.

Recent Changes

  • The City is no longer advocating flood mitigation in North Boulder Park. We are happy to see this option removed.

  • The City has now completed area impact studies on traffic. However, ThinkBoulder members who have carefully read and analyzed the report question some of the findings, including noting that the report’s own numbers show traffic doubling at some intersections during rush hours.