ThinkBoulder’s Proposal for 

the Alpine-Balsam Area Plan 

The Alpine-Balsam Area Plan is a major project that will dramatically affect many neighborhoods.  We ask City Council to endorse an area plan that fits the surrounding neighborhood and to take more time to fully assess the impact of greater density.

Important update (Sept. 15): In a joint hearing, the City Council and Planning Board will hear the City’s final proposal on September 24; Council will vote on October 1. The City’s proposal is for mostly 3- and 4-story apartment buildings with some townhouses along 9th. Because our petition signatories support 2-story and 3-story buildings, we oppose the City’s proposal.


The City’s proposal for up to 55’ buildings that will block beloved views, ultra high density housing allowing up to 640 new housing units in the area, land-use changes that significantly increase housing density and building heights without proper community engagement, and only 0.8 parking spaces per unit.  



  • Permanently fixing building heights at 35’ maximum. 

  • Subsidized housing for moderate and low income families, including 3-story flat apartment buildings and 2-story triplex townhouses for sale.


  • .95 parking spaces per unit, as is being used in Boulder Junction, and inducements to limit car ownership and use, such as free Eco-passes for those in subsidized housing, a car-share program, and improved bike lanes.

  • Neighborhood parking plan at least 10 blocks out. Free permits for neighbors would be subsidized by the market-rate homebuyers.


  • Mobility improvements: bicycle and pedestrian safety, more bus service (especially during rush hours and school hours), longer green lights for traffic turning onto Broadway, and safety improvements at high accident intersections.


  • World-class design that complements and enhances the neighborhood.

  • Setbacks from the streets to allow for walkability and greater beauty.


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The Alpine-Balsam-Broadway project development

This project is being developed by the City. It centers on the former Boulder Community Hospital site and extends beyond to include North Boulder Park, the Ideal and Community Shopping Centers, and further along 9th Street. Our neighbor-focused group wants to see development that fits well with the existing neighborhoods.

Boulder, CO 80304