We are Boulder residents who favor
community-based planning.  


We are an independent group of volunteers living near the Alpine-Balsam site.  We put together this website and the related survey with the help of a market researcher and a website designer who volunteered their time. We do not raise funds except to support our immediate activities such as printing flyers. Our e-mail group of concerned neighbors consists of over 100 people plus a leadership team that shares updates, maintains the website, and helps coordinate outreach efforts:  Ashley Alsup, Kathleen Hancock, Emily Reynolds, and Francesca Silva.

Specifically, we advocate:

  • Placing our unique neighborhoods at the center of development.

  • Preserving Boulder’s established neighborhood character and commitment to open space and our natural environment.

  • Requiring the City to develop scenarios only after completing unbiased studies on traffic, parking, flooding, schools, etc.

  • Regularly updating and getting neighbor feedback about development via postcards and online surveys.

  • Identifying where survey respondents and workshop participants live, allowing the City to give primacy to resident views.